Monday, August 2, 2010

Community Garden

This is the third year the Community Garden has been operating and it is my first year to be involved in it. So far everything is very successful (except my plot of course), almost every time I visit the garden I am lucky enough to see people picking their produce that they have worked hard to grow! It is always good to see people get the reward for something that they have worked so hard on!

The kids gardening program is ending this month and was very successful, . Community Action Services and Food Bank was lucky enough to get a Summer Associate VISTA, Matthew, who ran this program. He taught the kids basics about gardening while they grew a Salsa garden, and then they played fun games.

We are also lucky because I have received word that the Community Garden will be able to remain in this location next year!! This is very exciting, because it is such a great location because most of the gardeners are located within the apartment complex that it is located!

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